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A catalogue to my exploration of the Vintage world.

Here’s all the stuff I found within the last week while thrifting, two 1940s caps, one 1930s tie, one 1940s bowtie, one 1930s fair isle sweatervest, one 1930s Montgomery Ward patterned shirt, one damaged 1940s spearpoint collar shirt, one 1960s button up cardigan, and two 1940s belts.

And to be clear this was a particularly good week for thrifting, this doesn’t happen every day.

Just picked this up today along with another shirt from around the same period. This shirt is made by Montgomery Ward around the 1920’s or 30’s, though that is just an educated guess. The printed pattern of this shirt is absolutely incredible and very hard to find in a wearable size, that being said there are some stains and it could do with a wash, and at some point the collar has been flipped, but regardless it is an extraordinary find.

1940s-50s Burberry Handwoven Tweed Overcoat.

Dated 1931 heavy wool double breasted belted back overcoat. The material of this coat is beautiful and doesn’t translate well enough in the pictures but there is a sort of plush, raised herringbone weave that is softer and cozier than any bathrobe I have ever owned. In the winter I was pretty much living in this coat.

Early 1930s plush “Curlpaca” belted overcoat.

Circa 1910s-20s raw silk summer suit, made by Scott and Co. of Boston.

Detail shots of early 1920s Hart Shaffner Marx 3-piece suit

I wore my early 1920s suit to the opening of a historical clothing exhibition done by Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke. The suit i’m wearing is made by Hart Shaffner Marx and can be seen advertised in the first photo on the left side. I found this suit at the bottom of a basked of clothing at a flea market and it was in really bad shape, with a huge rip up the trousers and on the jacket and several buttons missing. But I took my time to restore it, and while it will never be quite be the same as it was new it is a gem.

The hat I’m wearing is also from the 1920s, made by Stetson and sold in a hat store in Brooklyn New York, I like to think this hat saw the stock market crash first hand.

Goodbye to one of the the world’s greatest performers,
Mickey Rooney (September 23, 1920 - April 6, 2014)

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